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Where can I buy Railway Sleepers?

If i had a pound for every customer that asked this question, I would currently have my feet up in the sun somewhere.

Railway sleepers are a very tricky product to find locally. The reason is that sleepers are very bulky and heavy and take up a lot of room.

The sort of guy that is going to sell them will have plenty of yard space to store them and definitely a forklift to handle them.

You need to know that used railway sleepers really are horifically heavy. Sometimes over 100Kg each. These require a minimum of 2 if not 3 people to carry them.

If you choose a new railway sleeper you will get more choice of weights, you can even specify New Lightweight Sleepers.

So back to the question of where to buy railway sleepers. You will be looking for a choice of places. For old or used railway sleepers, you will be looking for an Architectural salvage yard, a landscape garden supply company or may be even a scrap merchant.

For new sleepers you might be able to find them at a builders merchant or timber wholesaler.

However you may not be able to get them delivered from these companies.

If that is the case you should then consider whether you could buy railway sleepers online.

Entering railway sleeper suppliers into Google results in 1.5 million results, however, even on the first page you have some great options. Companies like TurfandStuff advertise that they can deliver to any mainland UK home. The advantage of buying sleepers from specialist online suppliers is that they are able to carry a broader range of stock because they can turover their railway sleepers stock more often.

So whether you buy your garden sleepers online or from a local merchant, they will all last years and improve you garden project no end.

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