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Top Reasons To Opt For Garden Bark Mulch

Garden mulch offers a variety of advantages. Not only will it make your flower and vegetable bed look good, but will also enhance the quality of your top soil. Mulching helps the soil retain moisture, maintains the right temperature and also prevents the germination of weeds. If you buy a good product from quality mulch suppliers, then you won’t have to worry about erosion and poor soil nutrition. The best kind is the organic variety such as garden bark mulch as it is long lasting, durable and looks chunky and great. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of mulch bark:

  1. Inhibits the growth of weeds

    Most mulch suppliers vouch by bark mulch as it helps in the weeding department. Those nasty weed seedlings grow quickly and soon they’ll be soaking up the nutrients, water and other resources that were meant for your plants. You certainly don’t want that to happen as a garden of weeds will choke out all that effort you put into planting.

  2. Soil retains more moisture

    When your soil is directly exposed to the sun or wind, it tends to get hard and won’t allow air or even water to reach into the roots. When it rains, the water will roll away and won’t give your plants the moisture it deserves. However, a good layer of garden bark mulch will help retain these essentials so the plants won’t dry out quickly.

  3. Maintains soil temperature

    In spring, the weather sees a lot of changes and this doesn’t help your plants in any way. Plants tend to get stressed with weather fluctuations so a layer of garden mulch will help maintain an ideal temperature even if there are variations around.

  4. Insulates plants during winter

    Tired of worrying about your plants when the frost sets in? Mulching protects the root of the plant from extreme cold and also prevents frost-heaving. As the soil heats up and cools off, it may cause the plant to slowly come out of the ground. Garden mulch will keep your plants conditioned and intact.

  5. Keeps the garden looking good

    If garden aesthetics is one of your priorities, then mulch bark will do the trick. This layer of rich brown will give the turf a fresh, clean and organic look. You won’t have mud slashing up and the contents of your flower bed will look neat and tidy.

  6. Mulch suppliers offer a wide range of garden mulch which could include bark mulch, compost mulch or manure, straw, bark chips, leaves, stones, saw dust, grass clippings and landscape fabrics. However, your safest bet would be to go with bark mulch as it tends to be more reliable and durable.

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