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Creating a play area: A safe haven for kids

We’re sure like the idea of having a safe and comfortable play area for your children right in your back garden? With the number of play grade landscaping options available, this is certainly a very feasible task. Most good quality play grade products comply with the British safety standards (BS EN 1177:1998) of playground surfacing. However, the availability of a large number of options will only increase the complexity of selecting the right option for the play area at your home or school. Here are the advantages of each so you can make an informed decision.

Play bark

It combines the benefits of using bark for mulching and the safety accorded by a natural cushioned surface. This is produced from 100% natural sources and is free from any chemical contamination. Play bark reduces the need for maintenance by controlling weed growth and it decreases the irrigation requirement by controlling moisture loss. It is aesthetically very attractive, clean and doesn’t stain. It also prolongs plant life in times of drought. Play bark can be used with all play apparatus and play bark suppliers offer a variety of package size options.

Play Grade Woodchip

Playgrade woodchip provides a safe cushioned surface with great durability. It is ideal for large play surfaces which need a resistant, enduring and affordable option. Wood chip dries up faster as compared to play bark. It is clean and non-staining and is made from 100% natural products. It is ideal for heavily used play areas.

Play sand

This is high quality silica sand that is created especially for children’s play areas. The sand is washed at the source to ensure it is safe. Play pit sand is free flowing, non-staining and has a soft texture. It is durable, long lasting and weather resistant. All these features certainly make it ideal to buy play sand for kids who love to play outdoors. It can be used with all play apparatus.
Some important points to consider before selecting a play surface landscaping product:

  • Decide if the play area will be created above the surface of the ground or below the ground.

  • Determine the recommended depth of the safety product chosen. Do not compromise on the depth of the safety product. If necessary; alter the play area specifications to fit it within your budget.

  • Use the correct materials to retain the surfacing within the play area.

  • Do keep in mind that all safety surface products settle by almost 15% after installation. Therefore, decide on the safety surface quantity accordingly.

Choose your play area landscaping wisely and give your children a play area that they will remember for a lifetime.

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