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8 Spring Plants That Should Grace Your Garden

Spring is the season of colours, the season of chirpy birds, and bright flowers. Once the cold has receded, it is time to drape your garden in the colours of spring. Some of the spring must-haves in your garden are:

Pulmonaria 'Diana Clare’: This is a pulmonaria with violet blooms and silver green foliage. It blooms in late winter or early spring. The plant grows to a height of 6 – 12 inches. It grows in shade, either partial or full and it needs consistently moist soil
Erysimum 'Bowles' Mauve': It is commonly known as shrubby wallflower. The foliage is green colour and the bloom is a fragrant pink and purple. It grows to a height of 16-18 inches. It grows best in a variety of soils including light, well-drained soil, heavy clay, or chalky alkaline soil. This plant blooms between early spring to mid-summer and is very low maintenance.

Dryopteriswallichiana: This plant is rated by most as the most magnificent of all hardy plants. The gold green fronds, about 3-4 inches in length, contrast brilliantly against their dark stem. The plant grows best in shade and is also known as Himalayan or Alpine Wood Fern.

Scillasiberica 'Spring Beauty': The umbrella shaped sky blue blooms of this plant grows up to 6-7 inches in height and looks beautiful against the grass. These flowers grow in medium shade to full sunlight and blooms between late winter and early spring. It spreads gently over the years, and with time, creates a gorgeous sea of blue in the lawn that no passerby can miss.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Blue Pearl': It is a small cup-shaped flower in pale lavender or lobelia-blue. The leaves are narrow and striped and it grows to a height of about 6 inches and blooms in late winter or early spring. Some parts of this plant are poisonous if consumed. It is a very popular ornamental pant.

Narcissus 'Jetfire': These daffodils have brilliant golden yellow petals and bright orange cups. It blooms around early spring and these fragrant flowers stay fresh for long in bouquets. This plant prefers the sun and needs a humid, loamy spot. However, that handling these plants may cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

Brunneramacrophylla 'Jack Frost': This plant is characterized by silver, heart-shaped leaves that form a clump which is covered by bright blue forget-me-not flowers in mid to late spring. This plant grows in conditions of average moisture and sun to partial shade. It grows best in fertile, humus rich, and well-drained soil.

Tulipa 'Spring Green': These white coloured and green striped attractive flowers and grow to a height of 18-24 inches. The bloom time is around late winter or early spring. The plant needs sunlight to grow and it also needs light, well-drained, and fertile soil. These blooms are remarkably long lasting, both in the garden, and in bouquets.

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