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Amazing Gardens - Our Pick of the Week

You have probably heard of the saying ‘the greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses’. And if you believe in this quote, this time of year is the best to go out, rejuvenate yourself and see nature’s beauty at its very best.

The Spectacular Spetchley Park, Worcestershire

This lovely thirty-acre Victorian garden, bordered by a splendid landscape and home to an enviable assortment of prized vegetation, lies just 3 miles away from Worcestershire.
This garden is full of surprises, where formally maintained rose beds, hedges and lawns mingle with the herbaceous borders and walls decorated with lush climbers. In spring, you can enjoy the spring bulbs in their full bloom while in summer feast your eyes on the splendid roses. During late summer and autumn, the garden basks in the glory of its verdant borders. In a matter of a few steps, the garden changes from typically English to the unmistakably Mediterranean.

The garden has a lot of historical significance. It was home to recuperating American pilots during the Second World War. It also claims to be the place that inspired Sir Edward Elgar to write one of his best compositions.

The garden is ideal for a lonely stroll, a day-out with friends, or for a family picnic. At Spetchley Park, there is no need to time your visits or no need to go around a set route. The garden gives you the freedom to make your own paths at your own pace.

The Enchanting Peckover House, Cambridgeshire

Peckover House & Garden is a stunning Georgian town house that was constructed around 1722 within the centre of Wisbech. The Peckovers offered the house to the National Trust in 1948. This large garden spread over two acres is rated by many as the best walled town park in the entire country.

The estate consists of three summer houses, two gardens built around the poolside and a lush lawn. The gardens are home to some uncommon and rare plants, including Ginko Biloba, the Chinese tree famous for its medicinal properties. The garden also has tulip trees, and orange trees that are 300 years old. The gardens are spread over 2 acres and the rose garden boasts of more than 60 varieties of rose.

In the grounds, you will find a thatched barn, dating back to the 17th century and Gregorian stables. The interiors of the house are elegant and elaborate. There are three floors that are open to visitors. In addition, the garden includes a ‘Quiz Trail’ for kids.

Peckover House is open for the public on Saturdays and Sundays and for several weeks till the end of October. You can visit the park between noon and 5 pm and the house between 1 pm and 5 pm.

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