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How to Hollow Tine and Scarify

Thatch can be problem when left unchecked often leading to compacted soil which reduces the ability of your grass to grow well. One of the best methods to deal with thatch is to Hollow Tine Areation and Scarification.
Hollow Tine Areation is a method of aeration that uses a hollow steel tine to remove plugs of grass and soil. Scarification is the partial removal of the thatch layer. Both of these methods when used together will aid you in your mission as a gardener to cultivate a healthy lawn.

An easy way to aerate your lawn is to use a Hollow Tine Areator , which is a machine that does the work for you. When it comes to scarification , an easy method to do this is by using a rake, although to be honest, it’s not one of the most effective methods to scarify your lawn.

A more effective method is to use a precision instrument like a vertical type scarifier. It has blades that can locate and physically cut out the thatch in your lawn. It is recommended you perform 2 to 3 progressive cuts, rather than one deep one.

So how often should you aerate your lawn? It all depends on the type of grass and soil you have in your garden and the weather conditions. Different types of grass have different peak seasons so a bit of research might be required here if you don’t live in the UK.

Soil type is also an important factor to consider. For instance, clay soils should be aerated at least twice a year since they tend to get compacted very easily. Aeration should be done when the soil is soft and moist. If you have dry soil, you should water it a day before you aerate to make the job a lot easier for you.

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