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Overseeding Your Lawn in the Autumn

A great way to achieve a consistent look and continuous growth for your lawn is through overseeding. The best time to overseed your lawn is during the autumn, when the soil is warmer (which is good for seed germination) and there are better chances of rainfall.

Overseeding has numerous benefits for your lawn, such as:

• Improved shade and drought tolerance.
• Gives more resistance against diseases and weeds.
• Improved recovery after performing an intensive treatment such as aeration and scarification.
• If you want to switch to a more luxurious grass species, you can do so through overseeding.

The type of grass seed you use will depend on the characteristics you want from your lawn, for instance:

• A ryegrass mixture is best for a lawn that experiences a lot of wear.
• A fescue mixture is best for lawns which suffer during dry weather conditions. They are also slow growing and require very little maintenance.

You should overseed your lawn just after aeration or scarification or even after both operations as they enable the seed to come into actual contact with the soil and the root zone of your lawn. Ideally, the seed should be sown / spread using a gardening tool like a spreader.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for overseeding and make sure to comply with them. You should follow up your overseeding operation with a top dressing to help protect the new seeds and help the soil to retain moisture.

After overseeding, make sure to keep the soil moist for improved seed germination. Mow the lawn only once the new grass has reached the height of the existing lawn. Excessive height will make the new grass weakly. Overseeding your lawn is an integral part of lawn care for those of you who strive for the picture perfect lawn and should be carried out at least once a year.

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