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Feed Your Soil to Feed Your Grass

A well manicured lawn is a thing of beauty and if you want a top class lawn then you should invest in it by feeding it the right nutrients to support that perfect grass growth.

One good way to feed your soil is through the application of topdressing. Top dressing will help to improve the quality of your soil by enabling sandy soils in particular to retain moisture better, making it more resistant to drought.

For clay soils, it will assist them to drain more efficiently, thus improving root development. Top dressing will also help to fill out any small hollows in your lawn, giving a more even appearance.

Among the better varieties of top dressing is the compost based kind. Compost based top dressing are made from biodegradable organic waste, which can either have been domestically or commercially made.
In addition to the above advantages, compost based top dressings have been found to improve soil structure and improve disease resistance. Top dressing should be carried out on a regular basis to achieve the best yield from your soil.

The key to the effective use of your top dressing is to spread it out evenly over your lawn area. Depending on the type of soil you are dealing with, this may take a couple of day or just a few short hours. Compacted soils need to be aerated a few days before application. If your soil is lacking in nutrients, then make sure to top dress it every year. Make sure that your top dressing penetrates down into the soil layers, by using a flat surface tool such as a Lawn Levelute Levelling Tool

Top dressing is best applied in the autumn.

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