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Winsford Grit Salt

Winsford Grit Salt contains more than 90% Sodium Chloride along with an insoluble - a type of Marl (Keuper Marl) which has weathering properties, this serving as a protection of the salt quality. This Marl also contributes to improve the friction process when the product is used for, in particular, Roadway, Driveway and Pathway de-icing. As a result of the introduction of this Marl, this type of Winsford Grit Salt used in de-icing is usually brownish in colour.

This type of De-Icing Grit Salt has been found to be very effective as a good adhesive to roadway and path surfaces in addition to having excellent residual salt levels which allows you generally to be able to keep such surfaces clear for several days. Additionally, we believe this type of product can reduce corrosion of infrastructures with the knock on effect being a possible reduction in maintenance and capital expenditure. No special equipment is needed to spread the product over any surface, your tried and tested methods will suffice. The product also degrades readily making it particularly environmentally friendly. The Marl additive also ensures that the product flows through any type of Gritter (both automatic or manual).

Winsford Grit Salt can be stored in the open however it is recommended that it be retained in a purpose built Salt Bin or at least covered by tarpaulin or other suitable covering and in such cases it is also best to store the product on an impervious base.

In summary, this type of Winsford Grit Salt is the ideal type of de-icing material for overall winter gritting.

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