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Top Tips for Winter Grit Salt and Winter Driving

As WINTER draws ever closer, now is the time to make preparations for coping with the tough conditions we experienced last winter and may well experience this year again.

“Don’t hope for the best but prepare for the worst” is simple advice very well worth heeding.


At Turf n Stuff we sell two types of SALT product supplied in pallets of 20 or 40 x 25kg bags. All prices you see on the web page include VAT and FREE delivery anywhere within the UK mainland (highland postcodes included).

Pure White De-Icing Salt is ideal for clearing snow and ice from access paths and driveways. Pure White De-Icing Salt will leave no residue once it has melted the ice or snow, this makes it the preferred option for home and office use. It leaves shoes clean with no grit or sand being deposited within internal areas. Our Pure White De-Icing Salt is supplied in sealed 25kg bags and can be stored for future winters use.

Winsford Grit Salt or Brown Road Salt is a UK manufactured product and has excellent snow and ice melting properties. What makes this product different from Pure White De-Icing Salt? It is longer lasting and provides excellent traction for car parks, driveways, paths and pavements. Our Winsford Grit Salt is also supplied in sealed 25kg bags and can be stored for future winters use.

Salt Spreading

Pure White De-Icing Salt should only be used with a Salt Spreader as grit within Winsford or Brown Salt can cause damage to the spinner and other moving parts. Our spreader is built with a corrosion-free plastic hopper for a long life, pneumatic tyres for smooth and even application and has a 25kg carrying capacity so it can take a whole bag at once. Salt Spreaders are ideal for larger areas such as car parks as they ensure quick and cost effective, but even spreading.

Salt Storage

Our Heavy Duty Salt Bin is built to withstand the harshest of climatic conditions and is long lasting. The forklift grooves enable easy maneuvering when stocked with grit salt. Perfect for larger scale areas. Hasp and staple locks can be fitted.

Winter Driving:

Most of you at some time will have to travel by car in inclement conditions but have you thought about the preparations needed for your Journey(s). Again, preparation for winter driving conditions are essential for you and your families safety.

You car should be checked on a regular basis for the following points throughout the winter:

Check Lights are in full working order

Tyre pressure's and tread depth at correct levels

Anti-Freeze fully topped up with correct dilution for temperatures

Windscreen wash topped up and at correct dilution for temperatures

Another handy tip is to have an emergency pack in the car. This can include some warm clothing, suitable foot wear, a torch and a shovel. A bag of Winsford Grit Salt is also recommended as not only can this be used to provide grip for stuck cars it can also help to add some weight and stability to your vehicle in ice and snow road conditions.

For more information regarding our Pure White De-Icing Salt and Winsford Grit Salt please follow the link below:

Winter Products

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