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Ode to Turfandstuff.com

At Turf n Stuff you’ll find
Useful products all sorts and kind
Let’s start with Firewood Logs to burn
For winter warmth they’re worth a turn
Semi Seasoned Larch for your log store
We’re sure you will come back for more

Our Bark Mulch Chips for decoration
We ship for free across the nation
Alongside that we sell Play Bark
Ideal for your Children in their little park

Our white Play Sand excuse my wit
Is really great for your child’s sand pit
We also supply to Nursery Schools
All products conform to all of the rules

Your children really deserve the best
So put Play Grade Woodchip to the test
Or brighten the Wood Chip for a change
By choosing from our Colour Range

Our Railway Sleepers finish jobs just right
So view them on our great web site
For decorative edges the corners are round
Turf and Stuff is where there found.

If your Lawn is in a sorry mess
You’ll really need to think ”Top Dress”
Our ”Top Dress” product is really great
It could save your Lawn before it’s too late

Lawn Turf may be just what you need
Or even just a bag of Seed
For both Turf and Seed give us try
You’ll see the difference as weeks go by

Winsford Grit is Salt real rough
It melts the snow no matter how tough
If White Rock Salt is more for you
Then this stuff looks good and works well too

We must have things that you desire
Verdo Briquettes for your fire
And if a Stove is what you feed
Verdo Wood Pellets are what you need

And now your fire is roaring well
There’s another thing that we can sell
At Christmas time we deliver it free
What better than your Nordman Christmas Tree!

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