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Decorative Gravels – Features and Benefits

Here at Turf n Stuff we carry a large range of standard and unique gravel products.

Not only do we supply Plum Slate, Pea and Golden Gravel, we also have a range of slates and gravels quarried in Scotland that can offer an alternative look to your drive, path or garden.

All our decorative gravels are supplied in bulk bags or pallets of 25kg bags.

Our FREE delivery service covers all our gravel and slate products and delivery can be made anywhere to a UK mainland address. Our nationwide delivery depots can complete your order normally within 5 working days. You can order online 24hrs a day here: Turf n Stuff

Gravel can be defined in general terms as a loose aggregation of small water worn or crushed or pounded stones. There are now Marble products available in the market place with spectacular veining, a feature which makes them particularly attractive for those planning Garden or Driveway features.

Why choose a Decorative Gravel for your home project?

Apart from the obvious decorative nature of most gravels you may not have thought much about another relevant feature.
Gravel drives and paths can be somewhat of a deterrent to those intent on gaining unauthorised access to your property. Gravel makes a crunching noise underfoot and could possibly be the alarm that wards off possible intruders.

Additionally, gravel is also very free draining and as such can reduce the seasonal winter risk of frozen paths and driveways.

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