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Why use Rubber Playground Chippings?

Looking for a long lasting, safe ground cover material for a Play Area?

Recycled Rubber Playground Chippings are the ideal product for safety and protection within your play area. This soft and colourful loose fill material makes your child's play area a safe and fun environment. Children can play all year round as the rubber chips do not absorb moisture making play after rain quicker and more enjoyable, unlike natural Play Bark or Wood Chips.

Rubber Playground Chippings retain their safety effectiveness for years and are fully certified to British Standard BS EN 1177.

Here are the main benefits of using Rubber Playground Chippings







How is the product manufactured?
Made from recycled car and forklift tyres the base material goes through a rigerous process of wire removal (for car tyres only) and cleaning. Once cleaned and verified as safe the product is chipped and then coated with a non toxic colourant. If a child was to swallow a rubber chip it would pass through the digestive system as normal.The product is regularly tested for fall height absorption which allows us to apply BS EN 1177 certification.

How do you create a loose fill play area with Rubber Playground Chips?
Once an area has been identified for use, it must be cleared of weeds, debris and where possible large stones should also be removed. Try and level the area as best as possible and leave a compacted base to be covered with Weed Control Fabric.

New Treated Railway Sleepers are ideal for edging your play area as it will help contain the loose fill product. The Sleepers can also help hold down the fabric and avoid any weeds pushing through which spoils the look of the play area.

How much of the Rubber Playground Chips will I need?
The volume of rubber chips required is very much dependent on the type of playground you have. The main factor in creating a safe play area is the thickness that you lay the Rubber Chips. The correct thickness of loose fill material is paramount to a safe playing area and is variable based on the fall height from equipment. Please see thickness requirements below relevant to play equipment with these fall heights:

  • 5cm thickness will provide safe impact for a fall of 1.4m or less

  • 10cm thickness will provide safe impact for a fall of 1.9m or less

  • How are the Rubber Playground Chippings supplied?
    Turf n Stuff's Rubber Playground Chippings are supplied in a 1m3 Bulk Bag which if laid to a depth of 5cm will cover 20 sq meters. We would recommend that you use at least 10cm around immediate play areas as this ensures a good coverage in well used areas. Please take this into account when calculating your volume.
    To work our how much you need please click on the link to our online calculator below:
    Rubber Playground Chippings Calculator

    What maintenance is required and what is the life span?
    Our Rubber Playground Chippings are made from recycled car and forklift tyres and will last over 50 years. No major maintenance is required, just a general rake of the chips every so often to level the area off. Any debris like falling leaves can easily be blown off with a garden blower or removed by hand.

    Will the coloured product stain my children's clothes and skin?
    No is the simple answer. We use a non toxic colour coating which binds to the rubber and is fully waterproof. We guarantee that this product will not stain and this is also a requirement of ther British Standard safety certificate. As the coating is non toxic any swallowed pieces of rubber will pass through the childs digestive system as normal.

    Do the Rubber Playground Chippings attract animals and insects like bark or wood chip products?
    No, as rubber is not habitable for insects, other animals and birds will not be interested in the area. As the product has no natural smell this makes it a deterrent to wildlife as well.

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