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Top 3 Reasons to Mulch in the Spring

The top 3 reasons to mulch your annual flower borders, allotment or veg patch in the Spring:

With the recent mild and unseasonal weather, winter weeds have been taking over and with Spring just around the corner now is the time to get mulching your flower beds, raised beds, vegetable plots etc.

Time spent mulching now, will repay you 10 times over through Spring and Summer in hours and days lost to weeding!

Here are the top 3 reasons to mulch now :

1. Stop germinating weeds :
Buy applying a minimum thickness of 100mm of mulch you can stop weed germination throughout the year. The application of a good quality mulch such as Bark Chippings can save hours of back breaking weeding work. If the area is more decorative rather than planting, an application of Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric will offer near perfect results when used in conjunction with Bark Chippings.

2. Insulation & Water Saving:
Insulation works both ways, so whilst a thick layer of winter mulch will protect the soil from frost, in the summer a mulch such aBark Chippings will protect the soil from the sun and prevent moisture loss. This is highlighted in hose pipe ban areas as a good coverage of mulch can reduce your vegetable plot or flower beds water requirements.

3. Decorative Finish:
By applying Bark Chippings to your chosen area you can often give the area a finished look. Bark Chippings offer a very natural look and can be more than just a practical solution to weed control. A very popular use for Bark Chippings is the creation of woodland paths. With its natural fresh aroma and look it can make the ideal finishing touch to any area. With an average life span of 3 to 5 years you will struggle to find a better mulching product that can offer so much to your garden.

Here is a list of our top 4 mulching soil improvers, with their best properties :

1. Spent Mushroom Compost:

Our top, nutritious, fibrous mulch. The waste product of mushroom growing, recently shown to be neutral pH, this is your best all round option. Incorporate or plant through in the spring. This product is safer and more consistent than farm yard manure.

2. Green Waste Compost:

Certified, PAS 100 grade compost on a 6mm sieve. Great for most uses, slightly above neutral pH. Plant through or incorporate in spring, not quite as nutritious as spent mushroom compost

3. Composted Bark:

This is the business when we are talking about heavy soils. This super fine material is highly stable and will not break down too fast in your soil. The result is that it will successfully "open" heavy soils over an extended period. Composted bark is slightly acidic and very low in nutrients

4. Nursery Grade Bark:

This grade or bark mulch is ideal for using where its decorative properties will be required next year, You can easily plant through in the spring with annuals, leaving the area highly decorative (Work the soil well now, you will be able to plant by dibber in the spring) Again this is low in nutrients. Use on quality, nutritious loams.

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