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About Turfandstuff Firewood Logs For Sale

TurfandStuff are one of the UK's fastest growing firewood supplier. From a standing start we are now processing over 1,000 tonnes of logs for sale per year

TurfandStuff exclusively use Larch for their log production. The main advantages of larch as a firewood fuel include burning hotter, longer lasting, faster drying and cheaper prices.

All logs are offered for sale in revolutionary bulk nets. These nets use 92% less packaging (and therefore significantly kinder to the environment), allow greater firewood pack sizes (up to 2m3), lower costs, and give an option of leaving logs in the net to dry further.

About Turfandstuff.com

Nationwide suppliers of Bark Chippings, Play Bark, and Firewood Logs For Sale
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Full loads leaving daily from our dispatch depot near Dundee

Turfandstuff.com launched in March '05. Since then we have become one of the UKs leading online, bulky garden and firewood log products web sites. We deliver to all mainland UK, from Edinburgh to Torquay through a national pallet network.

We specialise in heavy or bulky garden products that are hard to source locally.

For your new lawn, we supply a range of lawn turf including anti-drought turf and very fine turf. We also offer loads of free advice on how to lay and maintain your turf. If you need topsoil before seeding or turfing we can supply that also. We have rootzone top soil for lawns and top soil for borders.

We are one of the very few companies who offer a professional grade top dressing for garden use. you can view and buy lawn top dressing here. Want to know why you should scarify a lawn? find the answer here

If you have children or are buying for a professional childcare organisation such as a school, nursery or playgroup, we have a whole range of play ground products including play bark, rubber playground chippings, coloured woodchip and play pit sand. All these products are certified as safe for children to play on. A very handy feature for schools is that you can pay by cheque. You make an order on the website as normal, you click pay by cheque and print out your e-mail order confirmation, which includes your invoice, and then just send your payment in.

One of our most popular sections is our garden mulch products. We have a range of mulches including garden bark chippings, wood chips and composted bark. We also recommend and supply the weed control fabric to lay before your mulch. We have both heavy duty weed control membrane and light duty weed control fabric available. Used together we really can keep your weeds down in your garden.

One of our new ranges complements all the above products. Our railway sleepers allow you to create edges, steps, retaining walls, paths and play areas in your garden. Our reclaimed railway sleepers add real character whilst our new pine railway sleepers are more suitable for areas where skin contact will be more frequent and certainly for surrounding play areas or play pits. We can supply the railway sleepers pre-cut saving you a ton of time. We have 3ft, 4ft and 8ft railway sleepers.

We have spent a lot of time updating our soil improver section. We supply bulk and smaller bags of cow manure, spent mushroom compost and green waste compost. You can also use our composted bark for garden soil conditioning also. We offer a wealth of advice on how to improve clay soils.

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