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How to apply top dressing to your lawn

The reason for top dressing is explained here Why apply top dressing

Here we are talking about how to apply top dressing.

You should have completed scarification and hollow tining before top dressing although positive benefits are still achieved from top dressing straight onto a lawn (it improves fertility and will help in the destruction of thatch).

The top dressing is best applied through a drop or spin spreader. Although the 5mm material can be a bit tricky.

Shovel spreading is ok as long as you try to spread it as evenly as possible to start with.

One of the keys to top dressing is the levelling and working in. You really should invest in either a lute or a dragmat. The lute is harder work but creates a leveller job, the dragmat is much easier, and can even be towed behind a ride on mower.

You must ensure that the crown (growing point) of the grass is not covered with top dressing. You must work the top dressing in until you can hardly see it. Application rates of 5mm (or about 6-7 Kg per square metre) are about the most that should be applied. You can apply more if you have deeply hollow tined at close intervals.

It is best to choose a reasonably dry, blowy day to apply the top dressing as it will run and spread easier.

We never recommend to top dress with any product containing loam, soil or clay. These products can include weed seeds that you are then applying to the surface of your lawn and will cause headaches later. Our products are made from sterile compost and double washed USGA (US Golf Association) grade sand.

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