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Q. If I order today when will I get the product?

A. Free delivery takes up to 10 days, You can upgrade to 3 days for £20 or next day for £40. Prices include vat and are on a per consignment basis.

Q. Can I specify a delivery time?

A. No, but we have an AM option that may be of use to you.

Q. Can you deliver to my area?

A. We can deliver to all of mainland UK

Q. Can you deliver to Ireland (North or South)?

A. No

Q. I have no drive way or pavement, can you deliver to me?

A. Unless you can accept delivery on the highway, no.

Q. Can you deliver on a gravel drive?

A. No unless you can supply a large sheet of plywood to deposit pallet onto.

Q. Can you lift over a wall or hedge?

A. No

Q. Can you deliver onto my front lawn?

A. No

Q. Can you deliver onto a sloping drive or pavement?

A. Only if it is very slight, otherwise no.

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How Much?

Q. How much (any product) do I need?

A. Go to the web page for that product where you will find a product calculator for that product.

Q. How far will 2.5 cubic metres of play bark or bark chippings spread?

A. 50 square metres @ 2”(50mm) deep
25 square metres @ 4”(100mm)deep
16.66 square metres@ 6”(150mm) deep
12.5 square metres @ 8”(200mm) deep
8.33 square metres @ 12”(300mm) deep

Q. How far will 1.5 cubic metres of play bark or bark chippings spread?

A. 30 square metres @ 2”(50mm) deep
15 square metres @ 4”(100mm)deep
10 square metres@ 6”(150mm) deep
7.5 square metres @ 8”(200mm) deep
5 square metres @ 12”(300mm) deep

Q. How far will 1.3 cubic metres of coloured play grade woodchip spread?

A. 26 square metres @ 2”(50mm) deep
13 square metres @ 4”(100mm)deep
8.66 square metres@ 6”(150mm) deep
6.5 square metres @ 8”(200mm) deep
4.33 square metres @ 12”(300mm) deep

Q. How far will 1.1 cubic metres of rubber playground chippings spread?

A. 22 square metres @ 2”(50mm) deep
11 square metres @ 4”(100mm)deep
7.33 square metres@ 6”(150mm) deep
5.5 square metres @ 8”(200mm) deep
3.66 square metres @ 12”(300mm) deep

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Lawn Turf

Q. Which turf do I need for a general purpose lawn for kids and animals but still looks good?

A. Quality Lawn Turf

Q. Which turf does best in shady conditions?

A. In extreme shade, choose the drought resistant turf, in slight shade stick with Quality lawn Turf

Q. Do you have turf for dry conditions?

A. Yes, drought resistant Turf

Q. How big are the rolls of turf?

A. They are either 16” or 24” wide depending on which harvester we use but they always measure 1 square metre in total.

Q. Do I need anything else before laying the turf?

A. A layer of Rootzone will do the world of good for your lawn

Q. How long after delivery must I lay the turf?

A. In the peak of the summer must be laid within 24hrs. Other wise 48hrs

Q. How do I look after the turf once it is laid?

A. sign up for e-mail aftercare advice.

Q. How thick are the rolls of turf, how much drop should I leave between a fixed level (patio, path) and the top soil?

A. Half an inch

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Play Bark

Q. How deep should it be?

A. This is subject to regulations and we are unable to advise but if fall heights are below 1.5 metres then 4”(100mm) is ok.

Q. Is the play bark up to standard?

A. Yes, tested to BS EN 1177

Q. How long will it last?

A. Depends on usage but top up is required within 3 years. Depth must be monitored.

Q. Is it bark nuggets?

A. Yes we have Nuggets or Chipped Scots Pine available. Very soft.

Q. Has it been treated with pesticide?

A. No, not required

Q. Do you need to put a fabric or membrane down before laying the bark?

A. Yes it prevents “interzonal mixing”. The heavyweight 105g per metre is required. We stock it.

Q. Do you have to dig a pit to put the play bark in?

A. No you can use sleepers or fencing to build your area up. You are left with a step into the area, but you save a lot of digging and the drainage is better.

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Bark Chippings

Q. How deep should the bark be laid?

A. If you don’t use fabric underneath then you need 4”(100mm) if you use fabric underneath then you only need 2”(50mm). You only need to use the lightweight fabric (50g per metre) underneath, we stock it.

Q. How long will the bark chippings last?

A. Top up will be required within 3 years.

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Top Dressing

Q. When should you topdress?

A. Autumn and early spring

Q. I have heavy soil, which mix of top dressing should I order?

A. 80:20 (80% sand 20%compost)

Q. My lawn is yellow and struggling, which top dressing?

A. 50:50 (50%sand 50%compost)

Q. How much will I need?

A. 0.5 tonne covers approx 100 square metres @ 5mm deep
1 tonne covers approx 200 square metres @ 5mm deep

Q. What is the best way to spread the top dressing?

A. With a TRULUTE or DRAGMAT. Both on the site in “lawn care”.

Q. Can you use a rake or brush to spread top dressing?

A. Not very well, better to use a TRULUTE or DRAGMAT. Both on the site in “lawn care”.

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Q. Can I use all the gravels for paths and drives?

A. Yes, not including slates.

Q. Do I need weed control fabric or membrane underneath?

A. Yes, if mulching a border then 50g per metre fabric will do. If path or driveway then use 105g per metre heavy duty fabric. Both available on the website.

Q. Can I get gravels in smaller bags?

A. Yes but quote required, email turfandstuff

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Q. Can I use plum slate for a driveway or path?

A. No, not successful

Q. Where does the slate come from?

A. North Wales

Q. Can I get slate in smaller bags?

A. Yes but quote required, email turfandstuff

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Rubber Playground Chippings

Q. How long does it last?

A. Over 25 years

Q. Is it British Standard Tested?

A. Yes to BS EN 1177

Q. Does it need topped up?

A. You must always check the level but will rarely need topped up.

Q. How is it made?

A. Tyres that have never had wire in them are used. (eg forklift, rollers etc)

Q. Is there any wire in it?

A. No it is guaranteed free of wire

Q. How long does it take to arrive?

A. This product is on a special delivery system and takes about 4 days

Q. Do you need a membrane underneath?

A. Yes, as for play bark it stops interzonal mixing. You must use heavy duty 105g per metre fabric for longevity. It is available on the site.

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Coloured play bark/woodchips

Q. How is it made?

A. Waste wood from the recycling stream is chipped and passed over a triple magnet system. This results in a product free of metal.

Q. Is it certified for playgrounds?

A. Yes it has passed BS EN 1177

Q. Does the dye rub off onto clothing?

A. For a while on the green and the blue it can. It washes out

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Q. Which topsoil do I need for laying grass seed or turf?

A. Rootzone, it is specially designed for this job, it helps the lawn drain but also feeds it

Q. Which topsoil should I use for planters or borders?

A. Border mix, it is pre-mixed with spent mushroom compost for fertility.

Q. How much topsoil do I need below turf?

A. You need 8-12 inches of brown soil above the hard or sandy subsoil. Dig a hole in the garden to find out. You don’t always need to add new topsoil to lay turf.

Q. Do I need to get all the stones out of my soil before I lay turf?

A. No just those over 0.75”(20mm) in size in the top layer of soil. Stones help soil to drain.

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Q. Why can I not buy more than 20 sleepers on the site?

A. We are better to price orders of that size individually. If we can get your contact details we will get a quote for you.

Q. Can you cut the sleepers to any length?

A. Yes, if you can supply a cutting list we will get a quote for you.

Q. Why are small amounts of sleepers cheaper if you buy them pre cut?

A. Because we can fit them on a single pallet, the long sleepers require a double pallet space.

Q. Can you use the reclaimed sleepers for around a play area?

A. It is not recommended due to the new advice on products treated with creosote, which these have been. Use new sleepers instead.

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About improving a soil

Q. I have clay soil and I want to plant borders, how should I improve the soil?

A. Add spent mushroom compost or green waste compost

Q. Do I not want to use dung to improve heavy soils in a border?

A. You can, but the dry matter of spent mushroom and green waste composts is superior, so the soil improvement is better

Q. Which product should I use to improve a heavy clay soil before laying turf?

A. Composted bark because it takes longest to breakdown

Q. To improve a heavy clay soil do I leave the compost or manure on the top.

A. No it must be worked into the soil, as deep as you can manage.

Q. Which is the best product to improve a very sandy soil?

A. Any of them but cow manure (dung) will give the best fertility boost.

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Play Sand

Q. Is the play sand fine or coarse?

A. It is fine but not dusty, it is sized in a special water system that allows very close size grading. See the specification on the site

Q. Does the play sand stain children’s clothes?

A. No

Q. Is it white/silver sand?

A. Yes

Q. Has it been tested as safe?

A. Yes it has been tested and passed the British Standard

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